13 Exciting New Fast-Food Items Dropping 

Liverpool, England - March 6, 2011: The sign of Burger King in Liverpool. Burger King is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.

13 Exciting New Fast-Food Items Dropping 

This week is sure to be an exciting one for food enthusiasts! Several new and exciting fast-food items are dropping, so be sure to check them out! From sweet treats to savory main courses, there’s something for everyone this week. So don’t wait any longer—grab your copy of Fast Company and head to your nearest fast-food restaurant to try these new dishes!

The Most Expensive Burger in America

The most expensive burger in America is reportedly found at In-N-Out Burger, which charges a whopping $100 for a double cheeseburger. The nearest competitor, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, charges $60 for its namesake sandwich. Interestingly, both of these burgers come with fries and a drink.

The Best Fast-Food Sides

 A fast food side dish to add to your meal? Here are five of the best options this week.

1. Fiery Buffalo Chicken Dip – This dip is perfect for enjoying with tortilla chips or celery sticks. 

2. Bacon-Wrapped Dates – These dates are wrapped in thick slices of bacon, which gives them a delicious and salty flavor. They’re great as an appetizer or snack and easy to prepare too!

3. Crab Cakes with Tartar Sauce – These crab cakes are served with a tartar sauce, adding spice to the dish. They’re perfect for any seafood lover, and they’ll love the crispy texture!

4. Nutella Brownies – This brownie recipe is chocolatey and rich, but it’s also filled with nuts and chocolate chips, so it’s perfect for those looking for something sweet yet healthy too!

5. Garlic Parmesan Chickpeas – These chickpeas are coated in garlic bread crumbs, giving them a delicious garlic flavor. They make a great alternative to regular fries, perfect for anyone who wants something healthy but still tasty!

The New Fried Chicken Sandwich

 Fast food item to try this week? Look no further than the new fried chicken sandwich! This new sandwich comes with a crispy piece of chicken breast inside a fluffy bun, making it perfect for any meal. Plus, it’s only been priced at $3.99, so you can’t go wrong with trying it out!

4 Crazy New Menu Items Coming to Fast-Food Restaurants This Week

This week, fast-food restaurants are dropping some fascinating new menu items! From savory to sweet, these dishes will have everyone talking.

First up is the Bacon Wrapped Dates. These dates are stuffed with bacon and wrapped in thick, crispy bacon. They’re then simmered in a sugar and butter sauce until they’re perfectly soft and syrupy.

Next up is the Pineapple Soft Serve Ice Cream Sundae. This sundae comprises creamy pineapple soft serve, chunks of Ree-Zee ice cream, whipped cream, and a few pieces of fresh fruit. It’s topped with crushed Oreos for added sweetness and crunchiness.

And last but not least is the Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers. These poppers are made of seasoned jalapeño peppers wrapped in crisp bacon strips. They’re then deep-fried until they’re golden brown and delicious.

The Best Affordable Fast-Food Options

Are you looking for affordable, fast food options? Check out these new items dropping this week!

-Chipotle’s Barbacoa Beef Taco Bowls: This dish features slow-roasted barbacoa beef piled high in a bowl, topped with crispy tortilla strips, guacamole, and sour cream. It’s also served with rice and black beans for just $5.99.

-Deluxe Hot Dog from Hardee’s: For 99 cents, you can get a deluxe hot dog, which includes bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted bun. You can also add chili or mustard for an additional cost.

-Pizza from Papa John’s: Get your hands on a large 2-topping pizza for just $10.99 this week at participating locations.

Burger King

Burger King is releasing a new line of burgers called the BK Whopper. The Whopper features two all-beef patties, lettuce, cheese, and a special sauce on a toasted bun. The BK Whopper is available for a limited time and costs $7.99.

Another new fast food item from Burger King is the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. The Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger features one beef patty with melted cheese and bacon on a sesame seed bun. It costs $3.49 and is available at participating restaurants nationwide starting this week.


Chick-fil-A is releasing a slew of new items this week, including a fresh sauce made with pineapple and habanero. The mint sauce is available on Chick-fil-A’s nuggets and dipping sauces. Chick-fil-A also released a line of salads called the “Build Your Own Salad” option. Customers can choose from three salad base options: chicken, bacon, or ranch. The salads also come with fresh fruit, veggie, and grain toppings. 

Chick-fil-A is releasing two new grilled chicken sandwiches: the Grilled Portobello Melt and the Grilled Chicken Deluxe Sandwich. Both sandwiches have grilled chicken breast and melted cheese on toasted layers of rye bread.


Popeyes is releasing three new items this week – the Louisiana Kitchen Classic, the Piña Colada, and the Coca-Cola Freestyle.

The Louisiana Kitchen Classic is a fried chicken dish with a creamy dipping sauce and rice. The Piña Colada is a pineapple-flavored chicken dish with whipped cream and crushed ice cream. The Coca-Cola Freestyle is a chicken and waffle dish with syrup and Coca-Cola.


This week, Wendy’s is dropping some exciting new fast-food items. Items include a Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Double Chickenburger, a Garlic Parmesan Ranch Chicken Wrap, and a Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak Slider. These items are all sure to satisfy any appetite.

Taco Bell – Begins November 18

Taco Bell is excited to announce that they will be debuting new items this week! Check out the list of exciting new things below:

-Chocolate Cake Crunchwrap Supreme: A delicious, chocolatey crunch wrap with a layer of moist chocolate cake.

-Pico de Gallo Double Decker Taco: Two savory tacos filled with fresh pico de gallo and melted cheese on a crispy tortilla.

-Fiesta Taco Box: A box full of your favorite tacos, including the Choco Tacos, Nachos Bell Grande, and Fiesta Taco. 

-SoFi Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt: An indulgent frozen yogurt made with natural fruit and low calories for an extra sweet treat.

McDonald’s – Begins November 21

Beginning November 21, McDonald’s is releasing a new line of food items that will tantalize diners’ taste buds. These new menu items are the Bacon Triple Cheese Burger, the Chorizo Chicken Wrap, and the McGriddle Breakfast Sandwich. 

The company is debuting two new hot chocolate drinks, the Mint Chocolate Hot Chocolate and the Mocha Hot Chocolate. Additionally, customers can enjoy McCafé Cold Brew Coffee on draft and in iced coffee form. 6 Eating Habits To Prep You for’Tridemic.’


 From the unique hot dog to a vegan wrap, there’s something for everyone on this list! If you’re looking for some delicious and nutritious food this week, check out these new menus. And if you’re in the mood for something different, why not try one of these dishes? Who knows, you might love it!